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Four Wongs make a Wright

who the fuck calls their kid anakin

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How did I not see this ASAP!!!
It’s Mason FINALLY getting some SUGAR 💋💋

Omgoodness! 2 weeks left!?
I’m so scared of the outcome for this campaign!
I want it to happen so badly!

I just saw a deleted scene for VA.
I have to fucking say, it needed to be in the movie! 😣
The VA Family needs to rally up!
If we get to 1mill by the deadline we get more time!?
We need that!

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“I wanted to say, ‘Hey ladies, you’re beautiful,’. Hopefully, this changes things and maybe it won’t change things, but I love it.” - Nicki Minaj on the Anaconda music video

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ouat challengeday four
↳ favorite character - emma swan

"People are going to tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say no. This is who I am."

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大家你好!!! check out my new tattoo!! it means “harmony” in english!!! I can’t wait to start showing white people my tattoo and asking them if they can understand it!!! TFW YOLO! (That’s what they say right?)

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so they told me they would let me in but they didnt believe i was the person in my id…why tf did i get to have my hair cut

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inspired by (x)

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i know a little of what that’s like, to have every door shut in your face.

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John Legend doesn’t take shit.

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She earned her stripes and they put her on the set

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